Monday, April 29, 2013

Yellow Labrador

The youngest of our canine babies (though he is now a fully-grown canine) is a Yellow Labrador named Lucky. He will be turning 5 years old in August this year. 

A Labrador is among a number of kinds of retriever. Lucky has proved that he can retrieve a lot... But he hardly ever wants to let go... hehehe. Every time we play with a ball he jumps happily to retrieve it but giving it back to me is the main problem. He enjoys having me try to get the ball from his mouth too much. He is also pretty smart.

Baby Lucky on the couch
I have no idea why they use the word "Yellow" because Labradors like Lucky are not really yellow... Not even close. His color is more a very light caramel. But then I am no canine scientist so I would not really know. 

Lucky came to us when he was only two months old. My stepmother had been bugging me to get a puppy because she felt our Jyoti (a Pomeranian) was getting old. A friend of mine then asked me what breed of dog I wanted. And I told him that I would accept any breed of dog, even a street dog would do just fine. But, he had somehow gotten word that there was a Yellow Labrador pup waiting for someone to take it at a vet clinic in the city. 

Adorable Lucky
I went to the vet clinic and saw this tiny pup that was sneezing and coughing. The vet was not too keen on me getting the pup because he said it was sickly. But, I took one look at him, picked him up and clutched him to my chest and told the vet, "So, he has a cold. Give me a prescription and I will take care of him." I just fell in love with the pup, but, at the same time I was worried about what would happen to him if no one took him. I have heard about what breeders do to pups that do not get sold and I just could not live with myself if I did not give the pup a chance. 

The vet then gave the pup a shot and wrote a prescription. I took the prescription and carried the pup to the car and took a small laundry basket out which I lined with scraps of clean cloth to keep it soft and comfy. I maneuvered the basket onto the floor of the front passenger seat, set the pup within it, and I drove him home. On the drive home, I decided that we were really lucky to have such a cute little bundle of fur so I named him "Lucky."

The moment my parents laid eyes on him, they were hooked (and pretty worried that he was coughing a lot). I immediately got a small bowl of milk and fed him. Then I made sure he got settled in. 
Jyoti and Lucky napping together

Our Jyoti (the Pomeranian) did not like Lucky at first and would growl whenever the pup would come near him. But, after a week, the friendliness and the playfulness inherent in Yellow Labradors (and all Labs, in general) won Jyoti over. They became inseparable. 
Now, where one goes, the other follows. 

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