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Book Review: The WItch SIsters (The Taker Book #2.5)

The Witch Sisters (The Taker, Book #2.5)The Witch Sisters by Alma Katsu
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Alma Katsu's The Witch Sisters is a short story that is a part of The Taker series. It is a stand alone short story meant to whet the reader's appetite for the next book in the series.

The story revolves around Adair travelling around England and finding himself in a rather forbidding wood late one evening. As he was making his way through, he meets a young woman who convinces him to stay the night at their home. Adair, being the man that he is, considers the idea to be a good one especially after he learns that the woman lives with her sister.

Penthy and Bronwin are very cunning women. They live alone in the woods and Adair becomes their very willing guest, lover, and at one point in time, their prisoner. Adair is not as violent in this story as in the other "The Taker" books and that fact makes the story more interesting.

Although it is unclear just what part the sister's will play, if any at all, in the series, the story is an enjoyable read. I just wish it was more than just a "short story." :)

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