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Book Review: Dream of Time

Dream of TimeDream of Time by Nancy J. Price
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Nancy J. Price has written a wonderful book called Dream of Time. The story revolves around a young woman, named Jennie, who wakes up from a coma on January 1, 1900. The thing is, it is all happening while Robin is asleep so she dismisses it all as a really vivid dream. But Robin seems to be dreaming an ongoing story like a television series. When she falls asleep, she dreams of being Jennie.

It takes her a while but then she realizes that she is "Jennie" when she sleeps and is "Robin" when she wakes. When Jennie falls asleep, Robin wakes up. To complicate matters, Robin lives in San Francisco 2003 while Jennie lives in San Francisco 1900. Robin travels back in time when she sleeps!

Robin decides to go along with whatever is going on mainly because it appears she has no choice in the matter. So she tries to make the best of having to live two different lives. When she is awake, she has to take care of her two daughters, work for a living, and deal with normal everyday stuff. When she sleeps, she has to live as Jennie.

As Jennie, she has no memory about her life before her accident -- she fell down a flight of stairs and barely survived. She had been in a comatose state for months and surprises hospital staff when she opened her eyes. After she is discharged and starts to live her life, she learns that her accident was not an accident at all.

Jennie finds a friend in Travis Donovan, a police officer, who escorts her to her home after she had gotten lost one day. Together they try to make sense of time travelling and how they can somehow use it to make a difference. 

However, their efforts are taking a toll on Robin who finds herself getting swamped. She has to find time to be a mom, work, and research about the 1900s, too. Plus, she can't physically take anything back and forth with her.  

The book is a joy to read. The author has a wonderful sense of humor and I have to admit that I was close to bursting out laughing numerous times. Although time travel by dreaming may not be to everyone's taste's, I really enjoyed reading the book. I truly hope Nancy will write another book with her unique brand of humor.

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