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Book Review: 12th of Never

12th of Never (Women's Murder Club, #12)
12th of Never by James Patterson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book is the 12th book within the "Women's Murder Club" series. I have not yet read any of the previous books within that series before reading this one. James Patterson is one of my preferred authors and I have read a few of his books which I truly enjoyed. This particular tome is not one of them.

The story revolves around the members of the "Women's Murder Club". The story -- or should I say stories -- are fast-paced but they are so confusing and so hard to keep track off that I almost felt like throwing my Kindle against the wall. It is like watching some B-rated movie wherein there are so many stories crammed in there and things shift from one story to another with no apparent semblance of order.

There is a story of a cop who gives birth at home and goes back to work to deal with a serial killer (just awakened from a coma) who is playing mind games only to learn that her baby may have cancer, there is a fashion designer girlfriend of a famous football who gets shot but then her body disappears from the morgue, there is a lawyer that is prosecuting a crooked lawyer accused of murdering his wife and daughter, and there is some professor who thinks he has precognition and is able to "see" murders before they happen. Then there is an apparent romantic mess that I can hardly make any sense out of. The ending is just terrible and is clearly written as an afterthought so that they can keep the options open for another book.

I do not understand how an author like James Patterson could end up with a really below par book. There may be some people who will like 12th of Never but I am clearly not one of them. Maybe it would be better if he writes alone without having to be co-author. 

My personal opinion is that if you are considering reading this book, I suggest you go find something better. This book is not worth buying (or even borrowing).

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