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Book Review: Midnight

Midnight by Kevin Egan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a very exciting book that starts with the character of Judge Alvin Canter arriving at his chambers on Ney Year's Eve. He told his secretary that he would be taking a nap in his office. The secretary, Carol Scilingo, goes about her work and the same goes for Tom Carroway, the law clerk, after he arrives at work. After receiving a phone call inquiring about a case, Tom goes into Judge Canter's office to ask a question and finds the Judge dead on his couch.

MidnightWhen a judge dies, the members of his or her staff get to keep their jobs until the end of that calendar year. But it is Ney Year's Eve. Carol has a son and a mother who are totally dependent on her -- she needs her job. Tom has debts to pay and the economy is very bad. Finding another job is next to impossible. They both desperately need to keep their jobs. If only the judge waited till the next day to die; their jobs would be secure for at least the entire of the following year.

Because of their desperation, they decide to keep the judge's death a secret till the following day. So they decide to make it look like the judge died in his apartment after midnight. The plan seemed simple enough but things get really complicated. Tom's debts to a loan shark gets called in and he needs a lot of money right away. Enter the corrupt union boss who would do anything to stay in his position. There is also a man named Foxx who appears to be just another court employee. Then the judge disappears!

Midnight is one very exciting mystery novel that is just so thrilling to read. You will never guess where the story is headed because there are constant twists and turns that will keep you absolutely glued. Kevin Egan is definitely a good writer and also extremely creative. This book is a must read.

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