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Book Review: Blood and Stone

Blood and Stone
Blood and Stone by Chris Collett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
To be published October 1, 2013

Blood and Stone is a crime thriller by author Chris Collett which is expected to be published on October 1, 2013. I have been given a copy of the book via NetGalley for an honest and unbiased review. 

Tom Mariner is a Detective Inspector. After his ex-girlfriend's death, he decided to take a trekking holiday to clear his head and to allow himself to grieve. He loved Anna Barham very much and her tragic death during a road rage incident really hit him hard. He chose to go to Wales, to an area called Cranwy where he had once travelled when he was younger. He had wanted to relive some old memories of the times when he had felt good and happy.

Glenn McGinley had just gotten out of prison. He also is a junkie with terminal liver cancer. Because he knows he has only a short time left, he decides it is time for some serious payback. He shoots several people dead and escapes in a stolen car. The police are trying to find him but he has made plans that he hopes will give him enough time to finish his list.

At Caranwy, Tom finds a dead body which brings him into what he has been trying to get away from -- an investigation. Though he is not doing the investigating, he finds himself at the center of some very inexplicable incidents.

Blood and stone is a very exciting crime thriller. It has many twists that will appear to lead in one direction, then another. The story is very exciting and I find myself totally engrossed. Plus, Tom Mariner is not a "Bond" type of character, which I like. He is a very human detective inspector who is not perfect and is dealing with grief that is so deep it has affected him terribly.

Chris Collett writes an exciting thriller. He has written other exciting books in the Tom Mariner series and this one is also very good. I have to be very honest in saying that I have never read the other books in the Tom Mariner series yet. I plan to add them to my reading list soon.

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