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Book review: Coldwater

Coldwater by Diana Gould
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Being a scriptwriter for a TV show means that Brett Tanager has to be on strict deadlines most of the time. It also means she has to keep writing great scripts if her show is to keep its ratings. In order to write great scripts, Brett feels she needs some help -- alcohol and drugs.

When she needed to have a script ready at six in the morning the next day, Brett had to scramble to get some "coke" from her dealer if she is to get anything done right. She leaves her stepdaughter sleeping and drives to her dealer. On her way home, she hits something or someone. Because she had drugs in her car, she decided to keep on going.

She finds out that she had hit a woman who is in serious condition in a hospital. Her feeling of guilt is making her tense and fearful so she takes more alcohol and more drugs. When she found out the woman died, things went downhill fast. She lost her job, her boyfriend, and she hits rock bottom.

Some years later, while Brett was sitting on a beach, her ex-boyfriends daughter, Julia finds her and talks to her. Julia's friend Caleigh is missing and she wants Brett to help her find the missing girl. Then Caleigh's body is found and Julia goes missing. Who is responsible for the disappearances? What have the girls gotten themselves into? Will Brett be able to stay sober enough to find Julia? Can she do it alone?

Diana Gould is a very good writer and Coldwater is an exciting thriller. The author's sense of humor helps to keep things tense, exciting, and light at the same time. She also writes about how addiction can damage one's life and how there is hope for getting out of the downward spiral if the addict has the desire for it.

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