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Book Review: Carpathian (Event Group Adventure, #8)

Carpathian (Event Group Adventure, #8)
Carpathian by David Lynn Golemon
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Event Group is a secret agency that dedicates itself to uncovering the truth behind legends and myths all throughout history in whatever corner of the world. Carpathian begins with the Moses and his chosen people crossing the Sea of Reeds while they are being chased by the Egyptian army led by Amun-her-khepeshef -- Ramesses II's firstborn son.

When the Egyptians tried to cross the Sea of Reeds, the tide comes in and the army finds itself drowning. Amun-her-khepeshef finds himself face-to-face with a creature that he had thought existed only in tales told by his Hebrew servants that were meant to scare Egyptian children. He came face-to-face with a Golia.

Many years later, Joshua son of Nun met with Kale of the Tribe of Jeddah. Joshua needed Kale's help to bring down the city of Jericho. Kale refuses stating that so many members of the tribe have died and their precious Golia has almost been decimated. Yet Joshua was able to convince Kale to help in return for allowing them to leave for other lands and will not be followed or called upon ever again. Kale agrees to send 3 of the Golia and during the attack on Jericho, all three of the Golia died.

In 1949, during a secret meeting on a yacht off Hong Kong, several people were specially invited to view some historical items of great value. Among the people aboard the yacht were two employees of the Event Group. Among the items that were displayed, there was a stone that was claimed to have been dug up from the site that used to be Jericho and in the stone is fossilized remains of what appears to be a wolf. But before anything else could take place, there were explosions and the yacht sank.

Carpathian is about the search for the truth about the people of the Jeddah and the extraordinary Golia. In their search, they come across some very disturbing discoveries. 

The story is paced nicely and is exciting to read. David Lynn Golemon was able to write a nicely-paced exciting science fiction novel that the fans of the Event Group series will really like.

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