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Book Review: The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys (Raven Cycle, #1)
The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
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The book is a paranormal mystery which revolves around a young girl named Blue Sargent. Blue's mother is a psychic and so are all the women who live within their home in Henrietta. But Blue does not share their talents -- she is not at all psychic. Her talent, according to her mother, is that she amplifies energy and her presence allows the psychics in their home to get "clearer" readings.

Every year, on St. Mark's Eve, Blue accompanies her mother to the ruins of an old church in order to meet the "soon-to-be-dead" flow past the church. This year however, her mother's sister, Neeve, is the one to go with her. When Neeve started to see the "spirits," she would ask for their names and Blue would write them down. Everything was going okay until Blue saw a boy -- Gansey.

It is the first time that Blue can see anything. When she asked Neeve how it could be possible, she was told that the reason why she could see the boy was either because he was to be her first love, or that she will be the reason he dies. Whatever the reason may be -- Gansey will die within the year. This makes things uncomfortable for Blue as her mother and her psychic friends have always predicted that the boy she kisses will die and she has been warned not to kiss any boy.

Gansey was waiting up on St. Mark's Eve to record energy readings. His interests lie in learning about ley lines or energy lines. He has spent much of his time travelling all over the world researching about the power that ley lines hold. His ultimate goal is to find the tomb of Glendower which, according to his research, is somewhere near Henrietta. To learn more about those energy lines, he and his friends decided to visit a psychic. The psychic is Maura, Blue's mother.

The story of The Raven Boys is interesting and so are the characters. I enjoyed reading the book although the ending is not what I hoped it would be. The part about the search for Glendower was alluded to a lot until the end where it just went nowhere -- perhaps it is meant to lead to the second book in the series.

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