Friday, August 23, 2013

Celebrate Small Things

Thank goodness it's Friday! I hope your weekend will be really wonderful and that the week ahead will be better than you could ever hope it would be :)

It is time to Celebrate Small Things and this week, I am celebrating:

Our guava tree seems tireless in providing us with yummy guavas -- fresh fruits every single day! Yay!

Got my hands (or should I say my Kindle) on some new ebooks (Thank you NetGalley and Library Thing)


I was able to revive my really old PC by using free software (I used Ubuntu -- it's free and it works like a charm. Plus it is easy to use)

Me do ze happy dance! (While my canine babies look on as if I have lost all my marbles -- which I doubt I ever had in the first place)

What are you celebrating today? 

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