Friday, August 30, 2013

Celebrate Small Things - Friday August 30th

We meet again for our weekly celebration of what all has happened during the week that is worth... Well... Celebrating, of course!

This is a bloghop and the rules are truly very simple. You publish a post of the whatever it is you are celebrating, then join the list HERE or you can drop by VikLit and sign up there, blog hop, and celebrate with all the others celebrationists... LOL

This week, I am celebrating:

  • Whittling down my "to-read" list of ARCs (advance reading copies) from 17 to just 7 -- Yay!

  • Not peeing myself while I watched The Conjuring (I swear that movie is terrifying)

  • Our second lemon tree is now heavy with bright yellow little lemons -- perfect for that tangy pitcher of lemonade 

This week I am celebrating by having some lemon custard..... Yummy (I promise to have some for you, too)

Here is the list:

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