Saturday, September 14, 2013

Disturbing Bus Ride

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Last Thursday, while I was on the bus home from the city, there was a teenaged girl wearing a pale green salwar kameez sitting alone on the two-seater seat near the forward bus door (buses in India are right-hand drive). I was sitting alone on the 3-seater directly behind the bus driver and I could see her from the corner of my left eye.

The bus was not full and most of the passengers were sitting alone on a seat and it was quiet. After paying my fare and keeping the ticket in my bag that the conductor handed me, I noticed that the girl sat straight up all of a sudden then started glancing at the back of her seat. I thought that maybe a hair pin had fallen or maybe the seat was wet and she had not realized it when she first sat down. She then moved forward and sat on the edge of her seat. I was wondering shy she did not simply change seats as the bus was not full at all. Then I noticed that her face had turned very pale and she looked scared.

I decided to observe for a few minutes. Then I noticed the guy sitting on the seat behind her. He had his right arm across the back of the headrest of the girl's seat with his head resting on it as if he was sleeping. Then I notice him glance up to look at the back of the girl's head and he started slowly slipping his left hand's fingers through the gap between the girl's backrest and seat. He had wanted to get his fingers on her ass. 

The perv was sexually harassing the frightened girl! I now understood why the girl turned all pale and sat on the edge of her seat. She had become terrified of what might happen and became like a statue of fear.

I waved my hand at her and asked her to sit beside me, which she did. Then I informed the bus conductor who was someone I was familiar with as I used to ride that bus regularly a few years back. The conductor then told the girl not to be scared and that he will take care of the problem.

I have no idea what happened next because I had to get down at my stop but I told the girl to inform the driver and conductor if the boy tries anything again.

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