Sunday, October 13, 2013

Things are Looking Up

It has been a one hell of a stressful week. Our dear Labrador, Lucky has not been doing so good. And the group of vets at the Vet Hospital weren't much help.
Lucky (Labrador) with best pal Jyoti
 -- before the visit to the vet hospital

For several weeks, Lucky had a distended tummy and for many people who have canine family members, that can be a really scary thing. Unfortunately, the vet hospital we went to did more damage than anything else. 

By Friday, things were so bad that I couldn't sleep a wink. I had to give him oral rehydration salts by syringe every 2 - 3 hours. Each and every movement he made woke me. By 1 a.m., he got up and walked slowly to his water bowl and drank. Then I gave him some dog biscuits (he loves that one made from dried oranges) and he ate some. By 3 a.m., he went outside to do his business all by himself. By 5 a.m., he managed to get himself up on the sofa -- I felt like I won the Olympics. 

His condition is still far from normal. He walks ever so slowly. But his poop is the right color and his gums are nice and pink. He managed to eat half a big doggie sausage (lamb and rice) today. And, he is able to go from room to room doing his usual inspection of our home. He even stole a piece of small plain sponge cake pastry when it fell onto the floor as Dad was having some with his tea (but then Lucky was lying down right next to Dad at the time -- but still, celebrate small things.)

I am still worried and I give him very small yet frequent feedings. His water is changed every 2 hours just to be sure he has fresh filtered drinking water. And we watch him like a hawk. 

All I can say is, things are far from perfect but they are looking up. Hopefully I will be back in full blogging swing in a few days. 

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