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Artificial Grass -- Yes, There is Such a Thing

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I have a friend who lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She has just decided to move out of the home she shares with her mom and is lucky enough to have her own place with a small garden. 

Because she knows that we used to have a lawn, she called me up to ask about how to care for grass. Truth be told, nothing compares to the feel of real grass under your feet. And I remember having the pleasure of napping atop our lawn during winter days when the sun came out. It was sheer bliss. 

But I also remember having to mow it when the grass got too long. That was not so much fun because our mower is ancient. My Dad would help me and we would mow in short 15 minute shifts with plenty of lemonade breaks in between. 

Then we need to do some weeding. Weeds manage to get their way within the lawn and if we don't get them out, they will take over the lush green carpet of grass and all would be for nothing.

All was fine and dandy until we had a terribly hot summer. Water was precious that year and we could not waste much of it. The lawn suffered and it went from lush green to pathetic yellow, then to pretty dead brown. It broke our hearts and it took a lot of work to get the lawn all green again.

I told my friend the whole story and she told me that she was thinking about the very same things. Watering, mowing, and weeding, may become chores she may not have time for because she works two jobs. Her boyfriend works long hours, as well. And she is not too keen on handling fertilizer either. 

In an effort to help her out, I did a little online research and stumbled upon something pretty cool -- artificial grass! According to the internet, it looks and feels like real grass except that when you take a really close look, you will notice that the leaves are plastic. And because the leaves are plastic, they are really easy to keep clean. It is laid down much like carpet does and can be hosed down to clean. It drains itself. I thought it was a brilliant idea.

So I called my friend and told her to find out more about it because I wasn’t sure she would like the idea. She did her own research and found just the right place to get artificial grass phoenix. She took a look at the “grass” and decided it was just the thing she needed to have in her small garden.

She had artificial grass laid out and she now enjoys a gorgeous looking lawn without having to worry about watering, fertilizing, mowing, and weeding. Plus, she just had a small party in her new home and she did not have to worry about guests trampling on her lawn.

I may just decide to opt for some artificial grass myself soon.

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