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Book Review: Endless

Endless by Amanda Gray
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received a copy of the book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Endless is about a girl named Jenny whose mother died when she was very young and is currently living with her architect father. Jenny Kramer is also a very good painter and as much as she would like to simply keep painting, she tries her best to appear interested in architecture for her father.

Jenny likes to wear fingerless gloves, not to keep her hands warm, but to help deal with her unique gift. Jenny is able to see the past lives of people that she touches and she feels it is something she needs to hide even from her best friend.

At a party wherein a ouija board was used, Jenny got so caught up in it all that her friends said she had passed out. They were able to note down a cryptic message for Jenny. As she was trying to forget about the whole incident, she meets a boy named Ben Daulton at a house her father has been hired to renovate.

As Jenny and Ben were looking through some junk, they find a peculiar music box which enabled them to share a dream that they were both in Russia just before the Bolshevik Revolution. Jenny was Maria Romanov and Ben was a soldier. However, there was also a young man -- the watchmaker's son -- Nikolai.

Imagine Jenny's surprise when Nikolai appears in the house next to theirs and claims to know Jenny as Maria. And that he has been trying to find her all these years. He had traveled through time to see her again.

Endless is an okay read. It is about soulmates, love, friendship, and second chances. However, I feel that there are certain elements missing. The relationship between Jenny (or should I say Maria) and Nikolai is just so.. well... abrupt. It's like things have been squeezed together and, in doing so, most of the juice has leaked out. At any rate, it is still readable.

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