Monday, March 24, 2014

My A to Z Challenge Theme

I am a little late, I know. But then... as the old saying goes... better late than never, right.

So I am revealing my A to Z Challenge Theme today. And my theme is... (drum roll please)... (oh and trumpets. too!)

My Favorite Things

You may be asking yourself if I was inspired by the "Sound of Music." I was not. Was I inspired by the song from the "Sound of Music." I was not. So where did I get ze idea?

I got it from Aunty Acid! hehehe 

This means that my A to Z Challenge posts will be a list of my favorite things -- old and new. 

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  1. I LOVE that movie! I stopped watching it on network tv, though, when they took out THE MIDDLES OF SONGS! Looking forward to your A to Z posts!

    LuAnn Braley
    AJ's Hooligans @AtoZChallenge
    Back Porchervations