Friday, April 4, 2014

My Favorite Things: D is for Dogs

I love dogs. I always have since I was a little girl. Our very first dog was Scruffy. He was given to us by our next door neighbor in the Philippines after some thugs hid in the dark corners of our yard and attacked my parents one night as they came home. He died of old age soon after my Mom died. I think he just couldn't handle missing my Mom. 

Since Scruffy, we had several canine babies. All of them loved and spoiled rotten. 

When I came to live in India, we had Soni. She was a beautiful Indian Spitz (a breed commonly referred to here as a Pomeranian). I was with her when she gave birth to a girl pup we named Rani and also when she had her two boy pups -- Jyoti and Moti.

Plucky at age 3 months
We also had a wonderful Yellow Labrador -- a gorgeous Dudley -- we named Lucky (we were lucky to have had him in our lives for 5 great years). Because Jyoti is now close to her 13th birthday and he took Lucky's passing really hard, we got another Yellow Labrador that we call Plucky.

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  1. I have a lab/husky mix right now that I am in love with. She reminds me of a dog I had as a kid. They really are special creatures.

    Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

  2. Aww, that brings tears to my eyes about how you care so much for your dogs. I used to have a Chocolate Lab, but we sadly had to give her away for personal reasons. Awesome post, I'll be back!

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  3. Aw they're all amazing! So wonderful to be able to have them as part of the family. So sorry to hear of your recent loss! Gah it just breaks your heart!

    herding cats & burning soup.