Monday, April 7, 2014

My Favorite Things: F is for Flowers

My Dad considers himself as a retired farmer... oops, the word around here is "agriculturist." His father and his father's father tilled the land. But Dad loves playing with dirt (hehehe) so he can't keep his hands off it for very long. Only this time, he is more into vegetables, fruits and, my favorite, flowers. :)

Yellow Colored Rose
Sago Palm
We have three small gardens at home and that is where Dad spends most of his "feeling like pottering around" time. Among the flowers that he lovingly nurtures, are roses. 

Pink Colored Rose

We do not have so many fancy varieties nor do we know their scientific names or what they are called. All we know is that they are roses and that we love them when they are in bloom. Dad also has other flowering plants among his "babies."

Rain Lily
Dama de Noche
Among them are the rain lily, gladiola, kiss-me-not, sampaguita and the dama-de-noche (lady of the night)

English: Crown-of-Thorns or Kiss-Me-Not (from ...
Crown of Thorns or Kiss Me Not
Flowers, therefore, are among my most favorite things :)

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  1. So beautiful. I can't wait for spring, about the end of May here, so I can put flowers out on my deck. Just makes me happy to see them every day. :)