Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Favorite Things: Y is for Yard

We are so lucky that we have a yard. Because my Dad has an amazing green thumb, we have a lot of greenery (and flowers too) that really lifts our spirits up every time we look outside. 

We have a variety of green shrubs, flowering plants, and even a few trees in our front yard and we have fruit trees in our back yard. Though it takes some effort to keep all the plants healthy and thriving, it is all worth it. 

Dad pottering around in the yard

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  1. Great topic for the letter 'Y'! We have a large yard, but we don't do anything with it. We really should, since it's a bit of a waste to have all of this space and have it sit, unused. We did put in a fire pit, earlier this spring, so that's a start :)