Friday, June 20, 2014

Celebrate Small Things: June 20, 2014

This week held a lot of pleasant surprises and I am soooo thankful for all of them. 

1. A friend I haven't seen in well over 17 years is a-visiting on her way to Italy. 

2. Another good friend of mine sent me some wonderful and awesome stuff and me do ze really-happy-dance... hehehe

3. It is my brother's birthday yesterday (a birthday is always worth celebrating)

4. According to my lab results, my recovery is going really well (I have protein leaking into my urine... nasty that)

5. Dad is so happy that my friends also send him stuff (and when he is happy... me am happy too)

To celebrate, I intend to make a mango cream pie :)

What are you celebrating this week? I am definitely saving a piece of pie just to celebrate with you... ;)

Posted by: Bames Pabla
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  1. Sounds like a wonderful week of celebrations! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Mango cream pie sounds yummy.