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Book Review: Death Has a Name

Death Has a Name (Brodie Wade, #1)
Death Has a Name by Jerry Hanel
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jerry Hannel's book, Death Has a Name, is an interesting read. The story centers on a psychic detective named Brodie Wade. He works with different police departments when they need a little help solving crimes.

Wherever Brodie goes, he sees wisps of smoke which he tries his best to ignore. He calls them signs of The Truth. He has been seeing and hearing The Truth since he was a small boy and was even institutionalized because of it. However, ignoring The Truth is not a good idea because The Truth can bite and hurt him.

This time, there has been a very weird murder and Brody's cat, Sophie, came home with blood on her fur. His friend Phil Dawson, a police detective, calls on him to help try and solve it. However, The Truth had visited him and given him a mysterious message about an orb.

The murderer has made the crime look like it was done by a dead killer named Dominick Fredrickton who was known as the "Midnight Killer" because the victims were beheaded. 

Just as they were starting to work on the first murder, there is a second one. The puzzling thing is, there were no alarms triggered or valuable things stolen -- at least as far as the police could tell. 

Then The Truth tells Brodie to protect the Third Key -- as if he has any idea what that meant.

Death Has a Name is a very exciting supernatural fantasy story that has a lot of interesting twists and turns.

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