Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Favorite Things: B is for Banana Cake

A few weeks ago, my Dad starting taking bananas home from our vegetable garden. We had some banana plants there which Dad lovingly took care of. 

But, having a vegetable garden is not like buying things from the grocer or supermarket. We can end up with a lot of a particular fruit or vegetable or with just one single piece. In the case of the bananas, we had a LOT! Even after we gave some to our neighbors and friends, we still had quite a lot of bananas to deal
Bananas from our veg garden

So I decided to find thing I could do with bananas. Among the easiest recipes I found was that of the steamed Banana Cake! I made one as a test item and I failed miserably -- it was edible but not what I expected. 

Banana Cake

I got it right on the second try though and I haven't looked back since. I try to make a banana cake at least once a week with different variations like using semolina (sooji) instead of flour, or adding nuts for some crunchiness. 

It has become among my favorite things -- banana cake

Darn, this post is making me hungry.
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