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Book Review: Kate Douglas: A 2-Book Bundle Lethal Deception and Lethal Obsession

Kate Douglas: A 2-Book Bundle Lethal Deception and Lethal Obsession
Kate Douglas: A 2-Book Bundle Lethal Deception and Lethal Obsession by Kate Douglas
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I received a copy of this 2-book bundle through NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Though I usually steer clear of romances, there are times when I do like to break from tradition and read a romance or two. And in this case, I got two romances in one bundle. :)

The first book, entitled Lethal Deception, involves the story of an insurance agent named Rose De Angelo. The company she works for insures transporters who need to more high-level goods. However, things are not going well as almost all her clients have had been getting their valuable shipments hijacked. To make things worse, she has become the main suspect as only her clients seem to be getting hijacked. Mike Ramsey is an investigator with the Dept. of Transportation and is hot on her trail.

As Ramsey works undercover as a driver, he witnesses an accident that involved a woman. He tries his best to save the lady only to find that she is Rose De Angelo herself. Mike suspects she is about to inform her accomplices about the route he is taking. Both end up travelling together in Ramsey's truck -- Mike falls for his suspect and Rose falls for her driver savior. And when the hijackers do appear, they both get the surprise of their lives.

The second book, entitled Lethal Obsession, is about Mike Ramsey's partner in the first book, Kat Malloy. She is still grieving as the man she loved, Riley O'Rourke, has just been killed in a car accident when she meets his brother, Seamus O'Rourke. When Seamus finds out she is pregnant with Riley's child, he is at first unbelieving that Kat is telling the truth because both he and his brother suffer from an infertility problem.

As Seamus tries to take Kat home after she suffers from a bad bout of morning sickness at Riley's funeral, he finds that her apartment has been badly torched and thrashed by a stalker. He suddenly feels that he should try to protect Riley's child as much as he could, if the child really is Riley's. Seamus takes Kat to his home while her apartment is in bad shape. At Seamus home, Kat's stalker makes his presence felt and the two are forced to move to Seamus' childhood home. Seamus finds himself falling for his brother's girl and Kat finds herself drawn to a man who is only after her child. But the stalker is still out there and has found out where they are hiding.

This 2-book bundle is a good read. It has a lot of excitement and a lot of romance. However, I find the second book much more exciting than the first. Kate Douglas does a good job though the story in the first book is not as absorbing as that of the second.

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My Favorite Things: L is for Leche Flan

When it comes to desserts, I doubt if there is anything I find yummier than leche flan. In the Philippines, it is a special dessert that is made when there is something to celebrate.

Leche flan is made from eggs, milk, and sugar. There are more fancy variations, of course like the leche flan cake, but the original leche flan steamed in a llanera will always be my favorite. If you are curious about the recipe, you can find a simple one HERE.

Leche Flan
Leche Flan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No doubt about it, Leche Flan is definitely among my most favorite (yummy) things ;)

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