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My Favorite Things: W is for Watermelon

Summers in India can get pretty hot. Last year we had quite a number of days with the heat reaching 48*C (118.4*F). There are areas where temperatures can reach 50*C (122*F) or higher.

During terribly hot summers, people need to make an effort to keep as cool as possible even though their work may require them to go outside in the sun. One of the best ways to stay cool is to have some cooling fruits like watermelon. 

Watermelons (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Watermelons normally sold near where we live are usually of the variety that is red inside. My favorite variety is that which is very dark green in color that the skin almost looks black. I find that variety to have the most delicious tasty "meat" inside.

I have learned that the best way to gauge whether a watermelon is ripe (therefore sweet) is to tap the outside lightly and listen for the sound that it makes. If the sound is slightly hollow, then the watermelon is perfect. At least that is what my Dad has been telling me since I was a little girl (which was eons ago).
Watermelon with yellow flesh
Watermelon with yellow flesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The "ground spot" (the spot or part of the watermelon that has been lying on the ground as the rest of the fruit was growing and soaking up the sun) should be yellow -- white or green means it was picked too soon and may not be ripe inside.

Watermelons are also 92% water so it tends to help keep you hydrated. Plus, it is a delicious way of beating the summer heat. 
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