About BamesLive

Bames Live is a blog that first started out as my way of sharing my thoughts with the rest of the world. You can find me at  also on Facebook and on Twitter.

I started my blog with sharing some of the stuff we cook at home and some random thoughts.

Then, I decided to start blogging about something I really love -- BOOKS

Just a few of my books

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved to read. More often than not, I read one book after another which is why I consider myself as a chain reader and a bookaholic.

I read printed books, ebooks and I even listen to books! I mean audiobooks :)

I look for books to read from sites like NetGalley (I am a NetGalley professional reader), LibraryThing, and many more. I post about some of the books I have lined up for reading each month. Then I read those books (and many, many others) and blog about what I think of those books. 

In between, I try to mix things up and blog about other things from time to time. 

By the way, I live with my Dad (he is 81 and needs looking after) and our canine babies. 

Our canine babies, Jyoti and Lucky
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